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Residential Services

In 1978, through the efforts of the Rotary Club, a house in Hanover was made available to HARC for a community group home on 7th Avenue.

In 1981, a house in Neustadt was donated to HARC to be used as a group home.This location provided a rural setting with more relaxed atmosphere, as well as a space to expand our services.

In 1998, with community support from local fundraisers and the Ministry of Community and Social Services, HARC built a new wheelchair accessible group home in Hanover on 11th Avenue.

In 2012, CL Hanover Board of Directors approved the purchase of our second residence on 11th Avenue in Hanover.  The home opened in January 2013 and will provide a residence for four supported individuals.

In December 2014, CL Hanover opened our 15th Avenue Close Group Home. This home will increase CL Hanover's ability to provide more services to individuals in the community and shows our continued efforts to grow and expand.


Our newest home on 14th Street in Hanover opened October 2015.  This home represents new opportunities for our agency and staff through expanded training.

Today, as Community Living Hanover, individuals living at these locations continue to receive 24 hour support and care with their needs.


To see more pictures, visit the album of our houses.