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Brian McMann

I can't express in words enough how much I appreciate the support I received from you and everyone I dealt with in your organization last week in providing three workers to help me.  I was very impressed with the willingness and ability you had to employ three of your people on a half days notice, and their eagerness in wanting to help.  KR, JS, and MN were very good workers.  They all worked steady and helped each other whenevery necessary.  They didn't even want to stop for breaks or lunch!  Without them I would not have been able to complete the basement cleanout I was hired to do on time.  The person that hired me checked out our work after we were gone, and could not believe how good the basement looked.  She was very, very impressed with the amount of work everyone had done to get it looking so good. 

Can't think of any other agency or organization where I could have found the help I needed that quickly.  Community LIving will certainly be my 'go to' source in the future.  

Food Basics - Ken Yost

Personally, Melissa adds to our work place and never ceases to make me smile. She is responsible and able to take over our counter in her supervisor's absence. She is a great example of inclusion and what your all about!

Wal-Mart, Hanover - Shirley Rubbie

June is approachable, patient, reliable and friendly. She continues to be a very positive member of our team in Ladies Fashions. We would certainly consider additional people with developmental disabilities when hiring on an individual basis.

St. John Ambulance - Judy Bentley, Training Coordinator

At St. John Ambulance we have happily relied on many services for a number of years. Their staffing is superb, enthusiastic, hard working and flexible to meet our needs. We have also relied on their office support services such as paper shreding and their grounds keeping staff to keep our property neat and tidy. They are always just a phone call away and ready to lend their assistance whenever we need them for any task. I highly recommend their services to any business or individual and look forward to many more years of wo
rking with them.

Hanover Home Hardware Building Centre - Dave Gross, President

We have employed two people from HARC over the years and the experience has been extremely rewarding for us. Both employees were dedicated to their work and their cheerful manner was an inspiration to everyone here. HARC does a terrific job, integrating those with disadvantages into the local workforce and community to the benefit of us all.

West Bros Furniture - Jim St Germain, CHRP, Human Resources Manager

Together with HARC Inc., CNIB and the Family Y we we’re able to hire Andrew Edgecombe, who is legally blind.  As a local furniture manufacturer hiring Andrew has been a great asset to our team.  With some innovation, and minor job modifications it’s been a very inspiring experience.  Andrew’s work ethic, and personality makes a positive addition for everyone.

New Venture Swine - Todd Konechaey, Owner

Ken is our breath of fresh air and always happy to be here and willing to work.

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